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As former college student-athletes, not only do we strongly believe NIL was long overdue, but there is still work to be done.

That is why we created a revolutionary new post-game show that compensates the athlete and engages the fan.

We are all-inclusive to every athlete, not just the stars! If you have a social media following big or small, and play sports, you too can profit.

It is our core belief that everyone should benefit from NIL.

We are proudly partnered with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Boys and Girls Club of America.

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How It Works

Athletes answer YOUR questions following the game. The fan can ‘tip’ the athletes to perform various task, or just enjoy the show for free!

Download the App

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Athlete Donation App

Sign up and create your profile

Share in a community of passionate athletes, and fans discussing the event that just took place!

Make secure hassle-free tips & donations

Our app ensures hassle-free, secure transactions, making it convenient for you to monetarily tip and support your favorite athletes with peace of mind.


  • Talk about the game in the setting of your choice.
  • Answer the most asked questions, calculated by our app, or just free style.
  • Recognize the most generous tippers by answering their questions first.
  • Check boxes of task you're willing to do for tips
  • Provide shoutouts to the highest tippers
  • Provide personal videos to the highest tippers
  • Get paid to discuss the event you just participated in!
athletes tips-allowed
fans tips-allowed


  • You ask the questions.
  • You tip the player!
  • Read the Athletes profile, see which task they are willing to perform!
  • Watch for your answers and shout-outs during the post-game!

Join The Show

Our mission is to connect the athletes and the fans right after the game, as they share their emotional thoughts and opinions!


What Makes TipsAllowed Different?

Our app is designed with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, making it easier than ever for athletes to connect with fans after the game to share their emotions with questions and answers!

Athletes in control of their own voice

Our app’s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience, allowing the athlete to control their narrative.

Fans engaging & supporting their athletes

Connect with a community of passionate fans who share your vision for supporting your favorite athlete.

Secure tips

Our app ensures hassle-free, secure transactions, making it easy for you to tip with piece of mind.

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